30 September - 2 October, 2020

Why Exhibit

The EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo extends the opportunity to explore the technological advances and innovations that have taken place in the EV Charging industry. It gives a chance to its attendees to seek solutions to the challenges they encounter when it comes to electric vehicle charging systems.

Whether its smart charging, fast charging, better battery techonlogy, it should help eliminate one of the top issues of EV adoption- Range anxiety. Better batteries are available at lower costs helping the OEM's to reduce overall production cost and roll out cheaper and better vehicles. 

Charging infrastructure providers

Charging point companies

Smart charging





Consulting companies

EV component/

parts manufacturers


Come and join us to experience a business focused agenda and see our passion to deliver unmatched exhibition on EV charging and battery technology. Join your peers, competitors and industry stakeholders at the floor of the trade show and conference. Meet business partners with plans for future investments, M&A’s and technological developments. We are here to create business opportunities for you, while increasing your brand value and offering your innovative solutions to our visitors. Imagine making new contacts, cooperation, customer relationships, live interviews, one to one meetings, brand awareness, participation in workshops and debates or even delivering a presentation to potential clients.