30 September - 2 October, 2020

Networking Opportunities

5000+ Industry Game Changers, Engineers and Executives. 

80+ Cutting edge solutions. 

200_ Municpalities 

100+ Speakers. 

20+ Startup.

Electric Vehicles come bearing numerous benefits, one of which includes being environment friendly. EVs reduce operating emissions, preserve water quality and reduce noise. The ideal scenario will be when EVs use sources that are either renewable or emit no greenhouse gases to achieve 100% sustainability.

Electric mobility is expanding at a rapid pace. Consequently, this also grows the need to charge Electric Vehicles. The EV Charging Infrastructure and Battery Technology Expo takes you through the integrated world of EVs from innovations to developments and technologies. 


EV Charging Expo is here to offer prime opportunities for networking, and if you're not intentional about it, you might overlook many of the ways you can make new contacts and get the word out about your business or meet a thought leader who is shaping the industry.

Below are some of the suggestions to maximise your time and effort to attend the EV Charging Expo in Europe.

1. Make new friends: Events offer a great opportunity for making new connections. If you attend the Expo with a colleague or friend, don't hang out only with them during the event. Stir things up ! Challenge each other by coming back together only when you've each met 10 new business people and have their business cards. Be sure to take at least two of each new contact's cards and share them with your associate. When going into conference sessions, don't sit beside someone you've already met. Instead, sit next to different people all day long. This may mean you have to move out of your comfort zone: Attendees tend to stake out their "spot" at conference sessions, but normally, there's no assigned seating. we encourage you to move around during the day. Be sure to speak with the people on either side of you. Break out of the tendency to just make that friendly nod and smile.

2. Meet the competition. EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo is an event where you can meet hundreds of people if you have a booth. But don't forget about mixing and meeting the other exhibitors as well. They're all there to generate new business and meet new contacts, just like you are. Many times, we've seen more new business realized from the other exhibitors at the show than from the people attending. During the show, take time to go from booth to booth to meet the other exhibitors, collect their cards and give them yours as well. These are the people you'll want to follow up with first after the event.

3. Let your voice be heard. We have free sessions and workshops as well as paid speaking opportunities at our conference, ask us to speak. Presenting at a business event is a marvellous way to attain more exposure for your company and your own area of expertise. In order to have this opportunity, you'll want to plan for it in advance by getting in touch with us.

4. Be social. We have one to one meeting sessions, speed dating, networking dinner, a VIP lounge and many other other networking events, don't miss them! These types of events are wonderful ways to make initial contact with people you've never met before. It pays to be there...many times over!

Don't just view Ev charging infrastructure and technology expo as the chance to close a deal, but also as the chance to take the first step down the long, profitable road of friendship and mutual benefit with a new word-of-mouth marketing partner. The most important thing we can impart to you is that you must approach this with a sense of wanting to learn as much as you can about the other people you'll meet instead of trying to tell them all about you.

Of course, all of this good advice is worthless if you don't engage in the critical follow-up process after the event. Or use this platform to close an existing deal and announce it at the expo to gain attention.

Keep these points in mind when you confirm your participation for the EV Charging and Technology Expo, and you'll make the most of a great opportunity.

Whether you are a sponsor of the event or just visiting the Expo. We have planned the event to offer opportunities for everyone, make use of it.