30 September - 2 October, 2020


7th February 2020, MECC, Maastricht

7:30-8:30 – Coffee and Registration

8:30-8:50 – Welcome note & Keynote Session 1: Global Perspective by Roger Atkins

  • Sustainability of Electric Vehicles adoption
  • EV Charging- How it is developing and its upcoming trends
  • Creating a systematic EV infrastructure

8:50-9:10 – Keynote Session 2: Provincial Initiatives towards sustainable mobility

  • Initiatives that the Province has taken towards building an efficient charging infrastructure system
  • How EVs play a crucial role in meeting targets on climate change
  • Plan of Action for the next decade

9:10-9:15 – Introduction of Panel Discussion 1 by Roger Atkins

9:15-10:15 – Panel Discussion: Steps towards sustainable growth-Government Policies, Rules & Regulations

  • Outline of Government policies and regulations to promote Electric Vehicles in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
  • Measures taken by the local Government to meet the norms under The Paris Agreement and National Climate Act to mitigate the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emission
  • Actions and investments needed for a sustainable renewable energy source
  • Government agencies working together to promote the use of electric public transport
  • Framework that aligns the Government, Utility companies, Municipalities, OEM’s, Fleet owners etc. to enforce smart planning, fast charging infrastructure and innovative policies

10:15-10:30 – Coffee Break

10:30-10:35 – Introduction of Panel Discussion 2 by Roger Atkins      

10:35-11:35 – Panel Discussion: What works, what doesn’t and what can be improved to escalate the adoption of EVs

  • Subsidies and grants to support local innovative businesses
  • Reduce charging infrastructure costs through tax reduction
  • Mutual collaboration between Utilities, Charging operators and end users
  • Developing a significant Electric Vehicle charging network for EV roaming in Europe
  • Allocation of funds at the right places at the right time and creating a successful business plan

11:35-12:35 – Press Conference and Launch of EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo

  • Introduction of MarketsandMarkets and EV Charging Expo
  • Introduction of Advisory board and Technical board
  • Open for Questions

12:35-13:35 – Lunch and end of the event

Confirmed Esteemed panelists:       

  • Bert Klerk, Chairman, National Agenda on Charging Infrastructure 
  • Roger Atkins, Founder, Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd                      
  • Julia Poliscanova, Director- Clean Vehicles & Emobility, Transport and Environment           
  • Jan Jaap Van Halem, Procesmanager Climate Agreement, Provincie Limburg                               
  • Baerte De Brey, CIO, 
  • Marisca Zweistra, Project manager Smart Charging, ElaadNL                       
  • Mark Smidt, Director Business Development/Founder, Heliox
  • Elias Poyry, CEO, Virta 
  • Frank G. Rieck, Chairman- Dutch INCERT & Vice President- AVERE                  
  • Pavol Bauer, Head of the DC Systems, Energy Conversion & Storage group, TU Delft    
  • Robert van den Hoed, Professor of Energy and Innovation, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences       
  • Harm-Jan Idema, International expert E-Mobility and Smart Charging infrastructure, APPM
  • Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility, ENEL X