Motoring ahead with the Automotive EVolution in Europe, with support from Provincie Limburg

As the Government of Europe advances ahead with technology and innovation in the EV Charging Industry, the Dutch Government announced €5 million subsidies to expand two-way EV charging. The funds will be used in 21 Dutch municipalities throughout Netherlands for loading bays with a total of 472 smart charging points. This will be replicated throughout the region covering Benelux, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Actively working towards sustainable mobility and climate control, we are proud to welcome Provincie Limburg as our Official Partner, who will not only help us learn from early adopters but share future plans in the right direction. The EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo, scheduled to take place on 30th September till 2nd October 2020 at MECC, Maastricht will discuss the latest developments & innovations, technologies, challenges and opportunities of charging infrastructure in Europe.

Governments across the world are taking active steps to create a sustainable ecosystem for eMobility. The Government plays a crucial role in creating and imposing policies and agendas with regards to installation of charging stations. The mission of the Expo is to cover the opportunities, threats and challenges in the eMobility space. Policy makers and Government officials will address the audience on:

  • Key initiatives taken to drive the adoption of EVs and the deployment of charging infrastructure
  • Current policies and the future overview of charging infrastructure that will be provided by local Municipalities and Government authorities
  • Grants and subsidies that are being offered by the Government to facilitate the deployment of EVs and charging stations
  • Framework that aligns the Government, Utility companies, Municipalities, OEM’s, Fleet owners etc. to enforce smart planning, fast charging infrastructure and innovative policies
  • Government initiatives to fund and support startups towards creating sustainable eMobility
  • How Netherlands is spearheading the EV revolution with the highest number of charging points across Europe and many more such topics that focus on Government policies, rules and regulations

The expo is divided into three tracks: Policy Forum, Technical Forum and Industry Forum. The EV Charging expo covers latest trends that are shaping e-Mobility. Each track is designed to provide valuable insights into the extensive world of EV Charging.

We are pleased to present a few of our committee members:

  • Kai Tullius, DG Mobility, European Commission        
  • Bert Klerk, Chairman, Dutch Agenda on Charging Infrastructure
  • Jan Jaap Van Halem, Procesmanager Climate Agreement, Provincie Limburg          
  • Marc Smits, Senior beleidsmedewerker Mobiliteit, Provincie Limburg  
  • Carla Brugman, Lid van Gedeputeerde Staten, Provincie Limburg 

The Interactive Expert panel discussion will take place on 7th February 2020 at MECC, Maastricht. Thought leaders will address the attendees and media personnel on how electric vehicles play a crucial role in meeting targets on climate change and what are the policies and regulations that the European Government is enforcing to promote and support the use of EVs. The expert panel discussions will address policies being implemented to strengthen smart charging infrastructure.