MarketsandMarkets is thrilled to announce the launch of EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo in Europe, as one of its flagship events

Europe is gearing up for a new phase with the evolution of Electric Vehicles (EV). Driven by Provincial, municipal and leading associations' support, an improved contribution of EV by the automotive industry and a growing awareness and willingness of the consumer to buy, EV market has seen an upward trend. With the growing adoption of EVs, the technology and infrastructure to charge them is growing too. Several initiatives to increase the number of charging stations across Europe have been launched.

Introducing Europe's premium event for EV Charging and emerging technologies, we are aiming to create a hub to discuss new ideas, innovations and a dedicated industry platform that continues to show that Europe is at the forefront of EV innovation. The EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo is a step towards accelerating the EV ecosystem globally.

The EV Charging Expo is scheduled to be held from 30th September till 2nd October 2020 at MECC, Maastricht to accelerate the charging infrastructure deployment and grow the adoption of EVs. The expo will bring together 100+ speakers, 1000+ delegates, 5000+ visitors and 80+ exhibitors from the EV industry during the 3 days of the exhibition and conference. The event will attract municipality, government officials, provincial heads, fleet owners, public transport authorities and B2B attendees to see various options on EV charging infrastructure and share their case studies.

The expo will showcase emerging technologies and innovations in the EV Charging industry, dividing the conference into three tracks: Policy Forum, Technical Forum and Industry Forum.

We are pleased to unveil a few of our esteemed speakers:

  • Eric-Mark Huitema, Director General, ACEA, European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • Mark Smidt, Director Business Development/Founder, Heliox          
  • Jayson Dong, Policy Manager, AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility
  • Harm-Jan Idema, International expert E-Mobility and Smart Charging Infrastructure, APPM
  • Mark van Kerkhof, Managing consultant Energie en Klimaat and Smart Mobility, APPM
  • Julia Poliscanova, Director- Clean Vehicles & Emobility, Transport and Environment
  • Petar Georgiev, Advisor, climate policy and electro mobility, Eurelectric