Building Better Battery Tech for Electric Vehicles: An analysis of the Battery market

When it comes to Electric Vehicles, the battery industry is developing innovative solutions faster than ever. This is due to the adoption of advanced battery technologies for electric and hybrid transport applications. Batteries are a key enabler for electric transportation. According to researchers, advanced battery technologies could give electric vehicles more than 200 miles of charge in as little as 10 minutes. Electric vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers are making progress in developing new lithium-ion designs for a groundbreaking revolution in EV charging.

The development of battery tech and battery management systems relies on innovative R&D, advanced manufacturing processes and technical infrastructure to build sturdy and reliable battery components to support the growth of Electric Vehicles. Technical experts are developing cutting-edge solutions for rapid-charging batteries. The development and commercialization of hybrid and electric vehicle battery systems within the specialty EV battery market need to be addressed while assessing consumer demand, competing technologies, and overcoming the challenges to commercialization. The tremendous growth in the demand of batteries are imposing number of economic, environmental, and societal threats to the value chain. A sustainable solution of the battery value chain is required to ensure the positive impact of batteries.

Electric Vehicle manufactures, charging infrastructure providers, EV Charging point companies, EV part manufactures and other solution providers in the EV Charging space are witnessing major trends in emerging battery technologies. At the EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of battery technologies, their development and obstacles they encounter in the manufacturing process and the market landscape of startups and industry giants that are invested in this space.

Key topics included in the agenda on Battery Tech:

  • Latest battery technologies and battery management systems for use in next generation electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Battery technology options for EVs
  • Current practices for battery disposal and recycling?
  • How can your organization benefit from the untapped potential of EV batteries?
  • Battery cell production in Europe- From plan to implementation
  • Manufacture of sustainable, resource-efficient high-quality battery cells using digitization?
  • What should your battery pack design look like?
  • Latest research in extending the battery life for BEV, PHEV, HEV and FCEV

Learn more about Battery Tech and its advancements at the EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo scheduled for 30th September till 2nd October 2020 at MECC Maastricht.