30 Sep - 1 Oct 2020

EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Forum


The Virtual Policy Forum focuses on how the Government plays an important role in ruling out EV Charging policies, rules and regulations. This Forum has sessions delivered by top policymakers on topics that discuss the Government policies, plans, regulatory aspects and policies to build an efficient and user-friendly charging infrastructure.


Current and Future rules, regulations, policies and safety regulations for the EV Charging Industry


Interactive sessions on how to align goals of the Government, Utilities, Municipalities, OEM’s, Fleet owners, Gas station owners etc. to enforce smart planning and a fast charging infrastructure


Subsidies and grants to support upcoming businesses and tax benefits to reduce installation costs for charging stations

What To Expect:
Policy makers

30+ Policy makers will conduct interactive sessions on how to tackle regulatory and operational hurdles caused in the process of establishing an efficient charging infrastructure


Understand the importance of investments in public charging infrastructure


Learn from early adapters and implement future policies and standardization

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